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Here's a sampling of our work:


Working with Hightide Communications and Mar’Ellen through the process of designing this menu was one of the best and easiest processes. Mar’Ellen from day one had so many excellent ideas, which helped the final outcome turn out phenomenally. I would highly recommend Hightide Communications if you are looking for something out of the normal and also a company who makes it so easy to get there.
— Robert Henley, University Plaza Hotel and Convention Center

Dr. Nancy D. O'Reilly, Women Connect4Good, Inc. 

I have worked with Melissa for two years and am continuing now that she is with Hightide Communications. I rely on her grasp of the big picture, and her easy touch with our social media and blog platforms. Melissa stepped right into the existing Women Connect4Good brand and tone, and continues to deliver on-topic content that connects with our audience. I appreciate the added services and staffing she brings through Hightide Communications, including writing, graphic arts, Powerpoint production, story development, and a proactive approach to national business media. Melissa and Hightide Communications deliver exactly what I need, and promote the Women Connect4 Good mission in a professional, effective manner.
— Dr. Nancy D. O'Reilly, Women Connect4Good, Inc.

Republic Tiger sports

When I first contacted Hightide Communications for advice about how to grow Republic Tiger Sports from a Web-only publication, I had literally zero experience in print publishing. Hightide helped me envision what Republic Tiger Sports could become and worked with me to create the scaffolding from which I could build something bigger and better.

Fifteen months later, I publish a full-color glossy magazine bi-monthly, Web traffic is way up, my advertising revenue has exceeded my expectations, and I’ve never been more confident about the future of my business.

None of it would have been possible without the sales and technical support of Hightide Communications. Their experience in publishing helped me identify design and editorial issues I could never have known about on my own. With their help, I was able to publish a polished inaugural issue that immediately generated excitement in the community. From there, each issue has improved with Hightide’s ongoing guidance, as I focus on editorial content and let them handle everything else from printing to distribution.

Hightide’s expertise in marketing and sales has been invaluable as I developed an entirely new model of sponsorship and advertising packages for Republic Tiger Sports. They not only helped me create those packages, but helped me develop a strategy to sell them to both existing and new advertisers. Along the way, they listened to my feedback and helped me hone my message to a point where sales have never been better.

I highly recommend Hightide as a media partner for anyone who wants to build and develop a new and better communications outlet.
— David Brazeal, Owner, Republic Tiger Sports
Mar’Ellen Felin and her staff at Hightide Events are a first call company for me when we are in need of professional events services at the hotel. As the General Manager of University Plaza Hotel I have come to rely on Mar’Ellen’s expertise when it comes to our weekly Happy Hour Live events. She is always thinking of ways to change it up and always with a huge success.
Mar’Ellen and her team took over Happy Hour Live in 2014. In calling upon their professional experience and vast knowledge of the events industry it allowed us to look at our event through the eyes of our customers. They provided new ideas and assistance in not only our advertising and marketing, but also our public relations. Hightide Events did all of this while staying within our budget.
I highly recommend their services.
— Robert Henly, General Manager, University Plaza Hotel

carlson chiropractic center

Melissa has been a true blessing to our business. She listens to our needs and formulates strategies to make those things happen. I continue to be impressed with her knowledge and desire to learn more about social media every single day. She is an important part of our team and I wouldn’t ever consider marketing a business without her! Thank you, Melissa!
— Heather Carlson, Carlson Chiropractic Center

gig salad

We like to order promotional items very last minute. It’s not on purpose, we’re just always coming up with new things. Mar’Ellen is excellent at communicating in a timely fashion. So much so that, what seems like an impossible due date, gets done on time. Every time. We’ve been very happy with everything that we’ve gotten thus far and look forward to working with Mar’Ellen in the future.
— Joey Esquibel, Gig Salad